Harlick’s new lightweight technology is available in our Custom boots and all 5 Stock boot models. It comes in all levels of ankle support, and like all Harlick boots, it is heat moldable.

Special Features include:

Polyurethane coated microfiber outer material Durable, Lightweight & repels water

Half length mid-sole Reduces weight, glued and stitched to upper with braided nylon cord

Carbon Graphite reinforced mid-sole Prevents torque and twisting of the sole

Carbon Graphite shank Strong and Lightweight eliminating the need for steel shanks

Microfiber insole Lighter with shock absorption

Lightweight Clarino lining Resists cracking and splitting. Quick drying and lightweight

Hollow heel filled with lightweight foaming epoxy Hollow heel eliminates weight. Foaming epoxy hardens allowing for a secure blade mount with less weight.